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My Thoughts on "Straight Outta Compton"

Straight Outta Compton

1.  Jason Mitchell as Easy-E/Eric Wright was an Oscar worthy performance.  The young man deserves an Oscar nomination. He won't win but her deserves the nomination.

2.  I can't helped be reminded of Boys-N-The-Hood.  Great Movie. Great Story.  Show that stole the Summer.  Compton & LA.  Ice Cube. Straight-out-Compton.

3.  Why is Yella complaining!  "All publicity is good publicity".  Oh, he ain't complaining?

4.  Why is Ren complaining! "All publicity is good publicity".  Is he complaining?

5.  How Timely a Movie!  The fascism of now is playing out in just as deadly terms and it was then.  Now, we have more access to see and the cops massively out-gun the citizens.  #FuckThePolice  #BlackLivesMatter

6. @DruSonpn and I were at the Houston, TX show depicted in the movie.  We later got shot at during the after party.  I think that it was club Gucci on the "norf side" of town.

7.  I ain't mad at Jerry.   If I was N.W.A., I would be mad at Jerry.  I found him depicted sympathetically in the film.

8.  The violence against women / mysogony thing.  Dre owns it.  It's already been adjudicated.  The New York Times Article.  Lets move on, but I am a Man, so I think that way.  No, really, let's move on.
"Cube's answer to criticism is, 'Go make your own N.W.A movie and focus on what you want to focus on.' We focused on what we thought was important." 

9.  I forgot how dope "No Vaseline" was.

10.  I really did enjoy the movie!

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