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A Critique of the Electric Can Opener

The Electric Can Opener is probably the most useless gadget ever created for typical home use.  Unless you open 5 or more cans per day on average, a plain old manual can opener should be more than fine.

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My Thoughts on "Straight Outta Compton"

Straight Outta Compton 1.  Jason Mitchell as Easy-E/Eric Wright was an Oscar worthy performance.  The young man deserves an Oscar nomination. He won't win but her deserves the nomination. 2.  I can't helped be reminded of Boys-N-The-Hood.  Great Movie. Great Story.  Show that stole the Summer.  Compton & LA.  Ice Cube. Straight-out-Compton. 3.  Why is Yella complaining!  "All publicity is good publicity".  Oh, he ain't complaining? 4.  Why is Ren complaining! "All publicity is good publicity".  Is he complaining? 5.  How Timely a Movie!  The fascism of now is playing out in just as deadly terms and it was then.  Now, we have more access to see and the cops massively out-gun the citizens.  #FuckThePolice  #BlackLivesMatter 6. @DruSonpn and I were at the Houston, TX show depicted in the movie.  We later got shot at during the after party.  I think that it was club Gucci on the "norf side" of town. 7.  I ain't mad at Jerry.